Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Chorizo and Herbs

My dinner tonight is brought to you in part by Grateful Growers Farm. I picked up some of their chorizo at our local farmers market the other weekend and decided to make breakfast burritos for supper tonight. I must say, that while I was browning the chorizo, it too all my restraint to not eat it straight from the pan. After it was browned I drained it and scrambled some eggs and added some green chilis to them. Served on a tortilla and sprinkle with a little cheese and you have a mighty tasty meal.

After dinner I worked in the yard a little around the house and noticed my herbs needed to be trimmed so I decided to make another batch of pesto. This time I just used a little bit of all the herbs I have growing. Rosemary, sweet basil, boxwood basil, greek oregano, lemon thyme and dill. I added lime juice and zest, walnuts, grated parmesan, olive oil and a little salt. Now I have a great spread for sandwiches or topping for pasta.